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Monday, February 1, 2016

Best Law of Attraction Course

The Law of Attraction or LoA was made popular by the movie The Secret.

Those who don't really understand the concept of the Law of Attraction in the movie The Secret think that it is just about visualizing and focusing of what you want, do nothing, and then boom! - what you want will magically appear out of nowhere.

I once watched a video of my favorite leadership coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, saying that The Secret is one of the most ridiculous books ever.

I have also watched Jordan Belfort, a.k.a The Wolf of Wallstreet, saying that The Secret is a bunch of nonsense. Yet he actually preaches the principle of The Secret itself, he just doesn't call it The Secret.

Those who dismiss the Law of Attraction generally think that it doesn't talk about taking action.

I can understand that. I believe they must have ignored Joe Vitale in the movie The Secret who emphasizes on taking action. It also has been said over and over again that there is the word “action” in “attraction”.

So just watching The Secret alone is not enough. In order to understand deeper and therefore be able to apply the Law of Attraction, one will need to study other materials.

There are a lot of books and courses you can find online, but I think one of the best is “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” by Dr. Robert Anthony.

If you haven't heard about Dr. Robert Anthony yet, he is actually one of the inspirations of the book The Secret. He is also a friend of one of the teachers of The Secret, Joe Vitale.

The reason why The Secret of Deliberate Creation is one of the best Law of Attraction courses out there is not that it will make you be able to get what you want fast.

In the beginning of the course, Dr. Anthony even bluntly says that he has no idea if whether what he teaches is true or not. He honestly says that what he teaches is only based on what he knows and what has been working for him (his experiences), and also from studying the master teachers and working with his clients for over 30 years.

There will also be some things you won't agree with in The Secret of Deliberate Creation. Therefore, to take advantage of this best Law of Attraction course, you should open your mind, go beyond your comfort zone, and think outside the box.

Check out this preview of The Secret of Deliberate Creation course:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Course