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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony
Dr. Robert Anthony
Dr Robert Anthony is not a new name in the personal development world.

He is a well-known licensed International Personal Performance Trainer, Hypnotist and best-selling author of books and audio programs, including The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

Now some of you may be wondering...

Where did Robert Anthony earn his doctorate degree?

Dr Robert Anthony actually earned his Ph.D in cognitive psychology from Pacific Western University.

However, I must be brutally honest here...

According to Wikipedia, that university was actually unaccredited and closed in 2006.


You know that a degree really is not that important, isn't it?

Didn’t Bill Gates leave school halfway and then continue to build Microsoft?

And if you're wondering why Dr. Anthony doesn't have a Wikipedia page, he's not the only one, of course. Heck, even Noah Everett, the founder of TwitPic, also doesn't have a Wikipedia page!

Moreover, RESULTS speak for themselves. Robert Anthony is one of Rhonda Byrne's inspirations in creating the successful book and movie about the Law of Attraction, "The Secret". You can read about this fact on page xv of The Secret:

Robert Anthony is also a recognized author, and several of his best-selling books are:


His most popular book; "Beyond Positive Thinking" and best-selling "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence" are even available in 22 foreign languages.

So there's no reason to doubt his expertise, as he has been studying psychology, metaphysics and mind power for more than three decades. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Robert Anthony has helped over 15,000 people in various countries through hypnosis.

Dr Robert Anthony also wrote a foreword for Joe Vitale's best-selling book, The Attractor Factor:

Dr. Robert Anthony's foreword in Joe Vitale's "The Attractor Factor"

He has also presented training programs throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia and has been featured on major TV channels such as ABC, CBS, and NBC.

What is so special in Dr. Robert Anthony's teaching?

Honestly, what Dr. Anthony teaches is not necessarily new or original. It means that what he teaches has been done or said before, and many others already know what he knows.

In fact, you can check out any other self-improvement themed blog or website and you will easily find similar material.

On the other hand, Dr. Robert Anthony's gift is that he is able to take different philosophies, skills and also modalities and merge them in such a way that you can transform your life almost immediately.

So, Dr. Anthony's clients, students, or buyers of his products, such as The Secret of Deliberate Creation, may have heard many times about the same materials before, but many of them later admitted that it's for the first time that they really "got it".

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a downloadable audio course from the renowned author Dr Robert Anthony. It shows you the steps to creating your life by design by revealing the powerful secrets of your mind so you can achieve the life you have always wanted and deserve.

What is this course actually about?

Dr Robert Anthony teaches that whether you realize it or not, you are actually a creator.

Right now, in this very moment, you are creating your future.

However, most people don't realize this. They usually feel that they can't control their lives and instead of realizing that they are a creator, they feel that things are "happening" to them.

This is what The Secret of Deliberate Creation is about.

The Secret of Deliberate creation is a course presented in a very practical way, containing a step-by-step blueprint to materializing results that are measurable in your life and business.

Dr Robert Anthony teaches that you have to take inspired action towards your goals and explains how to know when you should take action.

Download the Secret of Deliberate Creation

What does The Secret of Deliberate Creation Contain?

Following are the mp3 materials you will find in "The Secret of Deliberate Creation":


1. Introduction (16 minutes)

An introduction from the author, Dr Robert Anthony, including how to get the best possible results from The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

2. Quantum Physics - The Key to Creating Your Future (25 minutes)

What is quantum physics, and what does it have to do with creating your future?

Dr. Anthony helps you fully understand quantum physics so that you can eliminate your doubts and have 100% confidence that you have conscious power to create whatever you want.

If you think that what you hear doesn't make sense, don't worry. Just keep on listening, and you will eventually get it later.

3. The Law of Attraction (20 minutes)

In this part, Dr. Anthony explains how to attract what you *do* want, instead of what you *do not* want.

4. How The Collective Consciousness of Others Controls Your Life (17 minutes)

In this part, Dr. Robert Anthony simply explains how to change your life by helping others.

5. How To Use Your Natural Inner Guidance System

Did you know that you already have an inner guidance system that lets you know if you're moving towards or away from what you want?

6. The Secret of the 'Flip Switch' (15 minutes)

I'm sure you like to feel good rather than feel bad in this life, don't you?

If so, learn this "flip switching" technique from Dr. Anthony to move from a negative energy or vibration to a higher one.

7. Introducing Your Essential Silent Partner (ESP) (18 minutes)

Philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said that "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Dr. Robert Anthony believes that being spiritual and being religious is different. He believes that you can be spiritual without being religious.

In this part, Dr. Robert Anthony teaches you how to connect with what he calls your "Essential Silent Partner" (if you are religious, you may call it "God"), which has no limitations and always knows what to do, so you are never alone in your journey.

Joe Vitale on Robert Anthony

8. Heart-set vs Mindset (12 minutes)

One of the reasons we don't get what we want is because we don't really know what our heart really desire, so we set goals that are actually not our heart's desires. This is what causes us to fail.

We think that we want much more money, but what we really want is peace of mind.

In this part, Dr. Robert Anthony will teach you a better way to get your true heart's desires.

9. How To Know What You Truly Desire (27 minutes)

Most people find that finding what their heart's desire is not easy.

So how to identify your true heart's desires?

In this part of The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Anthony will teach you the detailed process on how to do it.

10. Your Creative Magnetic Energy - The Law of Critical Mass (11 minutes)

Within each of us, there is an incredible energy that we can release when we find our true heart's desires. Dr. Anthony calls it our "creative magnetic energy" that will allow us to overcome obstacles.

11. Communicating With Your ESP (26 minutes)

To accomplish your goals, you should allow your Essential Silent Partner work for you in your highest interest. In this part, Dr. Anthony will teach you how to get help from your authentic self or your Essential Silent Partner.

12. Understanding Time & Your Point of Power

Time is an illusion.

Our subconscious mind doesn't understand the concept of time, only our conscious mind does. Our subconscious mind only truly understands the present, so that's why we should focus on the present.

In this part, Dr. Anthony will reveal how to stop regretting about the past or worrying about the future.

13. Allowing versus Resisting

In this part of The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Robert Anthony will teach you how to stop forcing things to happen. If you do this, you will actually slower your results.

After you state your desires, you must become detached from the outcome. This way, you can focus on the present moment so that you can make rational and clear choices which requires high degree of awareness.

14. Removing Self Sabotage and Mental Blocks

Why don't you have what you desires yet?

It is because you want something, but subconscious mind wants something different. For example, you want to earn more money, but deep in your subconscious mind, you believe that it is very difficult or nearly impossible for you.

In this part, Dr. Robert Anthony will reveal how to overcome the conflicts of your conscious and subconscious minds.

15. Let Go and Let It Happen

If you keep asking to yourself, "Why don't I have what I want yet?!"

Dr. Robert Anthony says that it shows you are reinforcing the belief that you don't really believe that it's already yours. You need to let your authentic self or Essential Silent Partner take care of the details.

16. How To Know When It's Time to Take Action

You get what you want by what actions you take, right?


I'm sure you often hear that you have to work hard to get what you want. But according to Dr. Anthony in The Secret of Deliberate Creation, any time you are suffering, struggling, or feeling pain, you are actually attracting what you don't want.

So it's not that actions are not important, but that most people's actions are not in harmony with their true desires.

17. The Road to No More Excuses

Dr. Robert Anthony reveals the "One-Day-To-Live Exercise".

18. The Ultimate Secret to Creating Your Life by Design

Overall, I think that The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a very enlightening program.

However, there's one thing that keeps bugging me. I personally don't agree with Dr. Anthony's suggestion that rock music gives you low energy.

He says that rock music sounds like it's high energy, but it actually gives you low energy.


That one I don't agree. Unlike Dr. Anthony, I love listening to rock music, even death metal. Yes, there are so many rock / metal songs with negative lyrics, so I avoid those.

If you don't enjoy rock music, obviously it gives you low energy, so don't listen to it :-) The point here is to listen to music with lyrics that match what you want to attract.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Dr Robert Anthony Quotes

Dr Robert Anthony's quote on the power to change:

On being happy:

On achieving your dreams: 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Forget Tesla Code Secrets...

Screenshot of Lesson 1 of "Tesla Code Secrets"

I don't recommend it, don't waste your money.

In my opinion, the so-called “Tesla Code Secrets” creators are only using Nikola Tesla's big name to sell their products.

If you read the e-book version of the Tesla Code Secrets, it doesn't mention Nikola Tesla at all.

Not once.

They only use Tesla's big name in their promotional materials (such as in the half an hour long video promotion).

And about the creator, Alex West, who is he?


I don't know who he is.

Most possibly it is just a pen name (or, fake name) of a savvy Internet marketer who hired a freelance writer to write his “Tesla Code Secrets”.

I think that alone is enough, I don't need to write a long review article to tell that you shouldn't buy it.

“Tesla Code Secrets” is just another version from similar products by the creators.

For your information, the creators of “Tesla Code Secrets” are the same creators who made “Miracle Brain System” and “Wealth DNA Code”.

Sorry, but...those are cheesy names.

Oh, and if you're going to learn how to be successful financially, I think you'd better learn from Edison, not Tesla.

Tesla died a poor man.

He died nearly penniless.

And if you're interested in Law of Attraction, manifesting, etc, I recommend you check out Robert Anthony's “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” instead.

Robert Anthony is one of the inspirations of the hit movie, The Secret.

Forget Alex West. Forget Tesla Code Secrets.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Monday, February 1, 2016

Best Law of Attraction Course

The Law of Attraction or LoA was made popular by the movie The Secret.

Those who don't really understand the concept of the Law of Attraction in the movie The Secret think that it is just about visualizing and focusing of what you want, do nothing, and then boom! - what you want will magically appear out of nowhere.

I once watched a video of my favorite leadership coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, saying that The Secret is one of the most ridiculous books ever.

I have also watched Jordan Belfort, a.k.a The Wolf of Wallstreet, saying that The Secret is a bunch of nonsense. Yet he actually preaches the principle of The Secret itself, he just doesn't call it The Secret.

Those who dismiss the Law of Attraction generally think that it doesn't talk about taking action.

I can understand that. I believe they must have ignored Joe Vitale in the movie The Secret who emphasizes on taking action. It also has been said over and over again that there is the word “action” in “attraction”.

So just watching The Secret alone is not enough. In order to understand deeper and therefore be able to apply the Law of Attraction, one will need to study other materials.

There are a lot of books and courses you can find online, but I think one of the best is “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” by Dr. Robert Anthony.

If you haven't heard about Dr. Robert Anthony yet, he is actually one of the inspirations of the book The Secret. He is also a friend of one of the teachers of The Secret, Joe Vitale.

The reason why The Secret of Deliberate Creation is one of the best Law of Attraction courses out there is not that it will make you be able to get what you want fast.

In the beginning of the course, Dr. Anthony even bluntly says that he has no idea if whether what he teaches is true or not. He honestly says that what he teaches is only based on what he knows and what has been working for him (his experiences), and also from studying the master teachers and working with his clients for over 30 years.

There will also be some things you won't agree with in The Secret of Deliberate Creation. Therefore, to take advantage of this best Law of Attraction course, you should open your mind, go beyond your comfort zone, and think outside the box.

Check out this preview of The Secret of Deliberate Creation course:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Course